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December 12, 2018 Uncategorized

Welcome to a new blog check out where I’m standing we are literally in front of the Taj Mahal we got up at 4:00 and where am i sorry because I thought what more better occasion to wear my sari for the second time if you haven’t seen the first time it was dueling I’ll link it up here anyway we’re here at the seventh wonder of the world and we’re gonna check it out the only thing is we got confiscated with our own little tripod ah Mike did so I hope doll use that K for you guys and we’re not allowed to video graph anything from this point only so I have to sneak the spy cam in guys for the go do you know how we work.

You know it babe first impressions is like wow so glad we came in the morning because it’s really yeah Suns just about to rise it’s kind of a little bit cloudy but it’s just really like cool today is the World Heritage Day so it was totally free to get inside how cool is that well baby yeah I love a freebie so it’s gonna be proper busy how cool is this I know very weird seventh wonder of the world it’s one of the seven new wonders of the world ah finest facts okay we’re gonna go inside guys so far do you want some finders facts couple okay third wife of the king and the king is actually buried in here third wife 14 children go near but not allowed cameras inside so that’s gonna come right by those you can see through this tree blood red Suns coming out beautiful you just come through Taj Mahal.

Basically everything is cement all in this amazing place so if you can see here on the opposite sides exactly the same I’m just mind blown right now basically the cemetery it’s just mind boggling how they used to do this imagery not cemetery oh this is a cemetery kind of like this is four hundred years old and if you see those towers behind us there’s four exactly same position however if you think that’s 100 percent straight think again it’s not it’s actually two degrees to the outside and every single one is positioned this way why let me tell you why it is because if there was case of an earthquake they would they would fall out words instead of in words on to the tomb beautiful design do you love.

It but seriously guys you have to come here yourself because every single arch when you look through there is like a kilometer on an arch an arch an arch a nut and they’re aligned perfectly and keep teaching the guys like please tell me the secret how did they use the dudas don’t know it’s a mystery it’s one of those mysteries like the pyramids you know like how can that be perfection of measurement without any tools I don’t know both it is a mystery and then over here we have North gates we came up came in at the east gate and that is one for every year they took the bill apparently so it took 22 years to build yeah and 20,000 people worked on this place we’re finding it quite hard to film here so we’re not sure how this videos gonna turn out in regards to the b-roll you know what about the b-roll vlog so I will try our best but so guys I have to change arms cuz my arm was about to fall off anyway we’re gonna take some photos check them out on Instagram if you’re not following us already yeah obviously in these vlogs we don’t you don’t see everything that we do because we can’t film everything you’ll be impossible yeah so you’ll see a lot more stuff on the Instagram stories if you so wish to follow us on there of course you’re never there daily so if you made my they might not want to see you crazy people doing crazy things all the time anyway let’s cut some b-roll in your eyes I saw diamonds as God, for you cuz you wanted me to, in your eyes size of diamonds and sky yes are you.

All right so we have finally been to the Taj Mahal and a little bit filming hopefully come out cool good choice yeah it’s so like it’s the best time to come early in the morning so we got the four o’clock and got ready and we got here like four plus five and the gates open at 6:00 but when we look back at the end of the queues they were huge your night so I definitely come here mega early get the sunrise you can get into the front of the Taj Mahal before before everyone comes now or late now what time is it like eight o’clock yeah it’s bit too busy now so that’s cool we’re only in Agra for a day so if you liked the video so far give it a thumbs up right now because we really appreciate it and if you’ve been let us know and tell us your experience we are behind the Taj Mahal cross the river and there’s loads of gardens here you can see you probably can’t see the Taj Mahal that well at a moment because it’s like you look Beth Hayes and the sun’s just come up it’s all a bit much anyway come here as a piece of quiet a few many people know about is because there’s no other tourists around the perfect spot because you can actually see now the cemetery mosque on one side and you got the guest house on the other side the other way thing the other way around and it’s purely symmetrical just let my face beautiful face babe.

As you probably just would have watched we would spin to the Taj Mahal we’re going to show you our health hotel room yesterday but we had to exchange rooms because we booked a deluxe room for they put us in a family room which was like crazy the bed was literally like as big as his courtyard and add funky lights and it was proper like a t-star we’re like public or if you’ve seen enough previous vlogs I bought this awesome bag because my suitcases were just blowing up every like mother and now Theodora has finally taken it to buy the same one because my bag is epic now no handle she has no top handle this is holding on by a thread these wheels are basically falling apart and collapse him mainly because she’s got way too much luggage so we’re gonna get her the new bag in New Delhi which I’ll be looking forward to and it’s gonna make my life a lot easier because this thing I can hardly carry this bad boy I’ve got a handle here handle here it’s just a bitch and these two wills make my life so much easier look ease join the blob guys.

I’d like to introduce you to Amory the UK British singer who had so many comments saying that you look like a marine and I look like Chris Martin from Coldplay and Yuma go Yuma go get and any medallion Ben Affleck any random cricket English cricket player yeah look like he really I got Kate Winslet okay twins there do you have a run Rita Ora it’s already kind of like multi-directional ladies motivational chance Theodore’s a little bit sleeping grumpy this morning on you.

I’m not grumpy but I’m sleepy guys and also sorry I’m not flower just like oh I’m sorry on my chin that made complain us so we’re about to get a taxi for guns New Delhi and the plan is to basically like chill for three days and edit videos because I’ve got like six videos to edit get in a new bag guys I’ve already told them how I’ve shown that my credit wheels and everything yeah sure did wheels no handles like all out finger just completely pulled out it’s the third suitcase in six months so that ends up being expenses I need to make the investment I don’t want to it looks slightly smaller but also I’ve traveled with way too much like it’s a learning curve babe we’re newbie youtubers exactly newbie for time travelers yeah it’s a learning we’ve travelled for like years and years and she still doesn’t learn no back back now I have people watching what I’m wearing babe you know to bring the goods.

Anyway guys we are gonna get a taxi so we can shine it a cloud never hesitate let us write you the clown got nothing to lose so if you guys follow us on Instagram we asked if you guys had any questions and one of the questions was could you do a YouTube video without any slow-mo my answer is [Music] [Music] we’ve just checked into our air B&B and look how big this place is we’ve got like our own lounge area like 50-inch TV screen TV already then in here we’ve got this little dark but I’ve got this big old bed wardrobes this cabinet area is quite the interior is quite cool this is like yeah kind of rustic and then here it’s dark we’ve got a bathroom area a shower so the plan is to stay here for a few days relax do some editing get the YouTube videos on the go for you guys and then after that we are probably going to go to a maritza if you want to see what we’re up to them make sure you check out I just about my Instagram stories anymore play we love you guys thanks for supporting us and see you next video see you next video guys in your eyes.